The Travel Collection

The Travel Collection 1.9

Pack of six games for your Pocket PC

Very good
Added support for Windows Mobile 5.0


  • Added support for Windows Mobile 5.0

Are you looking for some games to take with you when you go away? The Travel Collection gives you six all time classic games in one simple pack for your Pocket PC. The games included in The Travel Collection are: Chess, Checkers (aka Draughts), Reversi (aka Othello), 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe# 4 In A Row (aka Connect 4) and Dots.

All the games include the following features:

  • Five difficulty levels for each game
  • Outstanding graphics and audio by Jaybot7
  • Human vs Computer, Human vs Human and Computer vs Computer
  • Toggleable hints
  • Unlimited undo
  • Save/Load games
  • Fully skinnable boards and pieces
  • Individual user profiles
  • Game statistics for each user
  • Fantastic new graphics by Ryan Anspach
  • Select the boards and pieces on the fly
  • True-VGA compatible with improved fonts and AI
  • Play against and chat with LAN/Internet opponents

A collection of fun games for your travels.

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The Travel Collection


The Travel Collection 1.9

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